Thief Detector

What your tried the goal of your experiment?

We came up with an idea of making a small “security system” which is based in to 3 different modules. The main one is the camera and the other two are motion detector and the ultrasonic module.

So the idea of this combination of modules and sensors is to detect the movement of a person and take a snap and the ultrasonic module will measure the distance from the person to the camera (because the ultrasonic module will be next to it).

What we couldn’t achieve? We wanted to make it send a picture and distance details to an email but we were not able to implement it on time all of it.

One thing that needs to be mentioned is that the camera will stay on ‘sleep mode’ until a movement will trigger the motion detector, respectively the camera and the ultrasonic module.

During the implementation we had some problems with the camera which was not stopping after starting, but we could figure out the problem and fixed it on time.


Identify who have done the different parts: We have worked all the time together using pair programming technique so we cannot actually identify the specific pieces of code that each one has implemented or the modules connections.

The UltraSonic range sensor was connected using this scheme :

It requires the use of two resistors ,which we bought ourselves.Next up is the schema for the PIR Sensor(Motion detector):

Combining these two sensors with the Camera Module we made this :

This is the code that runs on Raspberry Pi it waits for motion detection.If it detects motion it take a picture and measures the distance from the RPi.